SDV Recon specializes in Quality Aerospace Raw Materials, Marine Alloy, Air, Land & Sea Parts & Equipment.  Our LED division provides High Quality LED Indicator Bulbs for all your panel needs, and our Examination Gloves department can deliver high quality examination gloves for various needs.  We are familiar with both military & commercial product applications, and can support with 3rd Party Logistics (3PL).  As a ‘Small Business Solution’ Distributor we strive to offer Value-Added Services and specific products, including:

Sourcing |  Aerospace & Marine Quality Raw Materials | LED Indicator Bulbs | Exam Gloves  |  3rd Party Logistics (3PL) |

Repair Management for General Components

We subscribe to and utilize multiple global databases, which provide access and transparency for any overseas sourcing. We also coordinate with numerous domestic ‘small business’ manufacturers to accomplish print-to-build requirements.

SDV Recon is established in Government and Corporate Supplier Diversity Program classification requirements under the following categories:

 Small BusinessMinority OwnedVeteran and Service Disabled Veteran Owned small business (SDVOSB).

SDV Recon strives to provide value-added services tailored to your needs! E-mail or fax any R.F.Q.’s pertinent information.   For any questions or to speak with an SDV Recon representative regarding our services or capabilities, please e-mail us at Info@SDVRecon.com or call us at 954.746.4308.

SDV Recon has over 76 plus years of combined experience from U.S. Military to General Contracting.  Our concentration now is to ensure you the customer receives Quality and On-Time-Delivery of the product or service you request……

Raw Metals

SDV Recon has a wide range of industry experience that provides customized raw materials and parts, compliance, and effective delivery globally. Some of our specialties are

LED Indicator Bulbs

Mounting LEDs, Bulb Replacement LEDs and Panel Indicator LEDs which can be used on multiple applications, we can provide current product or customize per requirement

Examination Gloves

Now you can tailor your solution to specific Medical requirements for different sites or jobs, and maximum efficiency.  We do specialize in high quality Gloves for various industries.


Combined Experience

SDV RECON INC has been serving the Aircraft and Maritime Industry as a team for over 29 years combined. We specialize in 3PL (3rd Party Logistics), SOURCING, REPAIR & OVERHAUL, PRINT-TO-BUILD, KITTING, INVOICING, and CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION SERVICES that allow you to get YOUR PRODUCT Stock or Print to Build when you need it!


SDV Recon, Inc is ISO 9001:2015 certified and complies with the standards of AS9100C. We meet your quality requirements and exceed your expectations. We are dedicated to delivering defect-free products to our customers on time and to providing our employees and suppliers with the resources to “do the job right” ALL the time!


SDV Recon, Inc doesn’t seek out only the most convenient solution; instead we seek the most efficient solution to meet your needs expeditiously, while prioritizing quality of service. This is our business…so if you need to locate aviation or maritime parts, hard to find items, or specialized components, or lack the time or personnel needed to do so, let us help you! Find it or Get it made…whichever best meets your needs. It’s what we do.


  • From one of the programs at a Large Business: THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP!!! We have it and it is correct!!!  I greatly appreciate your tenacity and effort that went into finding and getting this all the way through this long and complicated process.  

    Vanessa B. Downey Procurement Large Business
  • Ms. Downey's appreciation: I’ll pass the news onto our vendor, he’ll be glad to know.  SDV Recon is one of my most trusted suppliers, Roger is a Retired Marine and knows the importance of what we do. Thank you for working this so diligently and making us all look good!

    Vanessa B. Downey Procurement Large Business
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